2019 My One Little Word


2019 My One Little Word is GROW. Since Alie Ewards started this tradition, I have kept making my word be intentional for the year. I take the whole month of January to plan out what my intentions are for my professional, creative, personal, spiritual and what we can do as a couple, together. I am excited for what to is to come in 2019.


Last year was not the easiest for me, and I am going to strive to make this year count in all aspects of my life. Right now we are preparing for Road 2 California and the Sew Expo in Washington.

Some of my goals for 2019 is to incorporate Machine Embroidery. Last fall, I was able to take the Digitizing Embroidery Class at Dave's Bernina. The class was very educational and inspiring. There is still much to learn, but I love a good challenge.


This year we are adding limited editions to our Binding Babies collection. Our first collection is Greta and she starts shipping Mid January! if you have any ideas for what you would like to see in the future please share in the comments below.

I will be adding some more blog posts on how to bind, and still contribute to the We All Sew blog. Did you see my post on Holiday Color Block Hot Pads? I talk about some of my favorite notions and techniques that I use. What type of content would you like me to share with you here? What are things you want to learn about?

I appreciate all the support you have shown me in 2018, let's go 2019!

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