LE Binding Babies® Mimi Medium

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  • Mimi Binding Babies® is the perfect edition to add to your collection. Mimi will help complete your handmade valentines in no time! You got binding to attach, she's there to help you get through it! She may end baking a sweet chocolate molten cake or two along the way!

    Limited Edition Binding Babies® Mimi Medium measures 4” height by 2“ width. They hold up to 2.5” wide folded bindings or up to 2.25” lace, trims, and ribbons perfectly. It's a way to store and sew on your binding. Simply slip your binding or trim into the slot, wrap around the body, and add a pin or clip to hold in place. You can set it on a shelf until your ready to add binding to your quilt or trim to your fun sewing project.

    Mimi has a hot pink, white dotted dress! She has black hair with a top bun, and a hot pink bow! She has fair skin with blushing cheeks, pink rimmed glasses. She's full of sweetness that she's sure to help bring a smile to your face.

    You will fall in love with the details of Mimi! Be warned, she will charm you into binding at all hours of the day, and possibly inspire your next valentines quilt project.

    Limited Editions are a unique and a great addition to the Binding Babies® family!

    How to Care:
    Use a soft cloth rag, lightly damp the cloth. Gently wipe off the Binding Babies® to remove the dust.

    Proudly Made in the USA.

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