Have you ever just wanted to sew all day, forget the cooking and all the things you need to do in the house. Buy all the threads and just get sewing, quilting, binding, machine embroidery, stitch illustration or whatever you want to do for the day? I love my new box from Aurifil Threads called, “Sew Fun! Collection”, Love the bright colored threads that I use with fabrics, sew illustrations and Machine Embroidery.


Why not! You deserve to do just that. Sometimes we just need that creative outlet, it’s called Self Care! I recommend choosing a hobby or two to help increase your creativity, increase your stamina for life, and to just have FUN!

So, this December I am choosing to do Let’s Make Art. I’ve always wanted to dabble into doing watercolor painting, but I haven’t put one step forward. Back in my last post, I decided to share my One Little Word: Grow. I chose to grow my creativity by choosing something I haven’t done in a long time. Do I have time? Probably not, but I am making time for me to explore my creativity without having to draw from scratch and just to let go and have fun with the instructor. The best part, I can do it in my own time. MY OWN TIME! To me, that makes it worth it. Will I do the whole year? Not sure that will be determined to how I like the first few rounds.


Somedays my studio gets mounded with paper, fabric everywhere, or I have Binding Babies® all over getting ready to be painted, or packaged and sent to you!  My studio isn’t always perfect, and not in order all the time. Some weekends I just close the doors and do something else.

We all struggle with everyday life and I am giving you permission to choose something today that will make you happy, laugh and enjoy the process! If you have never quilted,


or done any sewing. Explore it and have fun! Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. Trust me my first few quilts were not perfect, but it never stopped me from trying and enjoying the process.

I love this quilters brain image off of Pinterest. I feel like this can represent any hobby really. It represents something that you can get excited about! Something


that will make you fall in love with creating again. Find the joy, humor, and love in something you love to do.

I give you permission! What hobby will you choose? You can choose more than one, as long as you embrace your Creative Journey.

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