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Quilter's Seamstress Washi Tape is the perfect way to help ensure you sew with a 1/4" seam allowance on quilt blocks while using your 1/4" foot, mark quilt patches when sewing in batches, and use it as a second guide with your quilt rulers.

When sewing or mending clothes us it for hemming, marking dress forms, use as a quick ruler, ideal for hand stitching, and so much more. Helps with alterations and fitting aid without the pins. We know Quilter's Seamstress Washi Tape will become one of your favorite tools in your quilt and/or sewing studio.

Seamstress Washi Tape 10 Yd Roll in 36 Inch Increments.Ten-yard Roll of 5/8” wide washi tape designed for quilting and sewing. 1-yard repeat with exact measurements every 1/8” inch, including 1” and 1/2’ markings.

Listing is for 1 roll of tape, Seamstress Washi Tape 10 Yd Roll in 36 Inch Increments that is 5/8" wide.