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Both the medium and large, can hold quite a bit of binding. We have had customers who have made king size quilt bindings, and attached with ease! My famous saying is, the FATTER the DRESS, the cuter she is! 

While your binding babies are sitting there holding their skirt, you can attach a clip or a pin to hold the binding on. As she starts to twirl off the binding, you will notice it starts to come off easy. You can always attach a clip or pin to hold, if you need to walk away for a minute to pay attention to those kiddos or your furry friend.

Why is my medium binding babies not touching the flower spindle base. Make sure to twist and glue your spindle in. All spindles may slightly vary. The medium binding babies has always been a touch above, as the large binding babies will touch the circle base. She will still twirl and help bind your quilt or sewing project.

All of our products are USA MADE. We do our best to provide you with the best quality product. Orders may slightly vary between 3 to 12 business days. If you have any questions you can reach us at


Each Domestic and Longarm Rulers has the same two cuts on the top. They hold your large domestic rulers.Domestic Ruler Roundup has five slots in the front that hold regular rulers. You can put several rulers in the slots and in between. There is more storage that you can images.Longarm Ruler Roundup has five slots in the front that hold the thicker mil rulers. You can put several rulers in the slots and in between. There is more storage that you can images.

Take two and you can make bookends! Put patterns in between and you have a project workstation. Possibilities are endless.

They will not break during shipping. We have improved our packaging. They have a plastic bag that surrounds the ruler to project the paint. An inner insert surrounds the ruler, and then it's inserted into a box. We then place in another box with bubble wrap to make sure it's safe coming to you. If there are any damages we will take that up with our shipping service. If there are any questions regarding your order you can email