At Doohikey Designs®, we are dedicated to help you make memories as you quilt and sew. We know the tools and notions you buy for your favorite quilter or sewist is more than just for form and function. We create products that are designed with a vintage look, and add a modern twist to all we do. You’ll never struggle to find that thing a ma bob again!

Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs LLC

Shari Butler

Doohikey Designs® is the work of artist Shari Butler. Since childhood she has always been involved with the arts and crafts. Whether it’s from tickling the ivory keyboard, singing a song, or doodling on a piece of paper, She always has something brewing in her creative mind and spirit. 

Shari’s beautiful work is populated with vintage like characters and whimsical designs that are inspired from her childhood. With the opportunities of freelancing with some national companies, she was inspired to follow her own dream and to search for her own creative niche. 

Shari fell in love with quilting, sewing, and the idea of fabric. She loves and is inspired by the idea that someday when someone makes a quilt with her designs it will be passed down from generation to generation.

Her style is vintage with a modern twist in her surface designs. She is always exploring the arts, and how to increase her skill set through all different types of media. As a surface designer, she’s always in the creative mode. You never know what she will be designing next.

When she discovered the community of quilting, she found her passion and dream job in designing fabric. She now is pursuing creating notions, embroidery patterns, pet products, and more under her brand name, Doohikey Designs®.

Shari is the creator of Binding Babies® a new craft and quilt notion.

Shari has become a business nerd, and has taken after her father's entrepreneurial spirit. She is excited to serve you better by bringing, and creating products that you will love.

"Our products are symbolic of everything that give us a reason

to continue living and work hard to make it happen.”

Dan Butler of Doohikey Designs LLC

Dan Butler

Doohikey Designs® has Dan as the, "Mr. Fix it," and makes sure all our logistics, and operations are running smoothly.

He helps keep Shari grounded when preparing for shows, and the daily operations of the company. When Shari has an idea he helps to encourage her to make it happen.

Growing up he loved to work on cars, and anything mechanical. He has always loved to figure things out, especially when it comes to engineering or making a product; he always has the eye to help make it happen.

When he married Shari, he had no idea the path he would be on. Especially when she came up with the concept of the Binding Babies® .

On his time off he loves to be outdoors, whether it's hiking or driving up in the mountains. He makes sure there is a balance between work, and play for the Butler household. Even before a quilt show, you visit the most magical place, Disneyland.

As a team player, together they make things happen,


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“My heart skipped a beat. I knew she had come up with a brilliant idea,” says Jina Barney.