Get Unstuck


Today I am here to share with you how to get UNSTUCK.


Have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in a creativity block? Right now we are all stuck at home, as we wait out this Covid-19 virus. Sometimes, fear, trauma, loss of a job, or being bored of a project can make us feel stuck.

Today I am here to share with you how to get UNSTUCK.

  1. Get a journal. Make notes of things you are grateful for. Write down ideas of why you love to craft, quilt, sew, or paint. Maybe write down things you have always wanted to try, or projects you want to get to in the future.
  2. Clean your space, whether that is only your studio or around your home. Make your space the way you want it to be by changing up your decor or clearing out the clutter.
  3. Get rid of projects you no longer desire to work on. Get rid of fabrics or items you won’t use. Sell some things, put money in your pocket so you can reinvest in some new fabric, or crafty supplies that you can find JOY in,
  4. Take a walk, go for a run, or move your body in your favorite form of exercise. For me it’s HIGH FIT. When you move, you release endorphins that help you remain more focused on your day. It will rejuvenate your mind into new found creativity.
  5. Take a moment and bake. Whether it’s your favorite chocolate chip recipe or baking bread you love. Bake it and take it to someone to share. Making that connection or service will jumpstart your creativity. Plus, you get a little sweetness into your diet.
  6. Get on google hangout or zoom. Gather some friends together and start to make some fun connections while you sew. Right now we are in a new normal so why not create a virtual “hangout.” Have some fun sewing, or any type of craft.
  7. Brain dump! Get those ideas out, make.a list of all the things you want to do so your brain doesn’t have to carry all of that information in your head. It’s going back to the journal idea. Write your checklist of all the things you have to do. Make it a priority to have some creative time to yourself.
  8. Join some Facebook groups to connection with other quilters or crafty people. Form fun friendships. See what projects they are doing. You might get inspired by what others do. You can also join online quilt clubs!
  9. Go on Pinterest. Pick something on there that you have never done. Gather the supplies and try something different out. Whether that is a new techquique or skill you have always wanted to do. When you try new things it helps shock you back to where you use to be in your creativity.
  10. Pick a service you can be involved in with the community. An example right now, is sewing nurse masks for the hospitals so our medical teams who are on the frontlines are better protected. Project Protect is by they asking for volunteers to sew at home. Or check out Kimberbell’s Kimber Bears you can sew for little kids who are needing some comfort. Check out Kimberbell Face Masks.

I hope by choosing one of these things can help you get unstuck, and gets you back in thriving into your creativity!

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