Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We are glad to be back and help create special gifts for your Holiday Shopping! We are always looking for ways to improve and we are excited to share with you our new product that is made right here in the USA!

We are excited to introduce our new Binding Babies®, Flower Spindles, and Ruler RoundUps!

We will be having our new customs Binding Babies® open for sale. We are going to be doing things differently, but having so many we will do each month. Once they are booked, you will need to check back each month for when more will be available to customize.

We are truly excited to introduce our new Limited Edition  Binding Babies®. They will be sold in certain quantities each month. Greta is the first one we are preselling and will be shipping out mid-January.

Welcome to the flash sale, you never know when that will be taken down so take a look at the deals and grab them while you can!

We do have some holiday shipping guidelines for 2018 that you will want to be aware of. We will continue to update that page for future holidays upcoming in 2019. Can you believe it will be 2019 already? Where has the year gone?

You noticed it's been a bit dusty around here from blogging. I apologize for the silence.  However, I want to make a goal to make 2019 the best year yet for adding content to our blog. It's always good to have goals, and I need to make this right. I am joining Muppin's 30 Day Blog challenge! I need to build a better habit of writing what I love about and sharing with you what I love!

So feel free to please keep me going by the encouragement!

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