TP Rolls Belong in the Bathroom

TP Rolls Belong in the Bathroom

TP Rolls Belong in the Bathroom: How to Keep Them Out of Your Quilting Room

Are you tired of using toilet paper rolls for quilt bindings? Do you want a more cute and functional way to store your binding? And as a bonus create more efficiency in organizing your bindings? Look no further than Binding Babies! These are not only cute and stylish; they are the tool that will revolutionize the way you do quilt bindings. Plus, you can finally throw away those unsightly toilet paper rolls!

The Benefits of Bindings Babies:

  • Eliminates the need for toilet paper rolls as binding holders.
  • Adds a fun and cute element to your quilting notions
  • Makes binding organization and storage a breeze

Creates a conversation starter with other quilters when sitting on a shelf or your extra spool holder. Keeps you company while you are binding!

When Binding Babies Were Born

Binding Babies were born in 2016 after creating a gift for a friend, who said you need to sell these! We started making them that August and the popularity for Binding Babies has risen every year in the quilting community.

How to Use Your Binding Babies


Once you get your Binding Baby you will want to get your binding created and ironed. Or as you iron your binding you can start to roll up her dress. Take the folded end up between the legs and start to wind the binding around the Binding Baby. Try to keep it taut and straight as you roll it on. Then attach a binding clip or pin to keep the binding in place until you are ready to attach your binding on to your quilt.

Once your quilt sandwich is ready for binding: place your Binding Baby on your machine's extra spool holder or sit her on the flower spindle beside your machine. Once you are ready to attach your binding take the clip off and let her spin. She will dance while you sew your binding to your quilt. If you need a potty or stretch break; replace your binding clip or pin to hold the binding in place. Doesn’t that sound better than having binding all over on the floor getting dusty, or in your lap? Less mess, and less tearing happens with Binding Babies.

Not only is it great for storing your binding, it can help entertain you while you sew. Brighten up your sewing room, and even keep little hands entertained while you are stitching away. It’s even a conversation starter at your next quilting retreat. Having cute and fun things in your sewing area just makes it more fun, especially when they are functional.

So, why settle for toilet paper rolls when you can have a Binding Baby? It’s like upgrading from an outhouse to a luxury bathroom!”


Don’t take our word for it!


A quilting notion I can’t live without is a Binding Baby. A have a collection. You always have more than one binding. You definitely need a Binding Baby they will definitely inspire to get your quilt bindings ready to go. - Jemima of @tiedwitharibbon

I just used my binding baby (medium) & spindle for the first time recently and wow! What a difference it made not to have my binding dragging on the floor &/or getting all tangled up! Definitely a new favorite tool -- I see the large version in my future! - El 

Where has this handy little lady been all my quilting life?!? Way late to the Binding Babies party but I am so excited about the simplicity, functionality and organization of this! - Burlap and Blossoms Pattern

Love her! She had to have a bigger sister so I’ve ordered a large buddy, it is great to have my binding on machine spindle instead all over the floor. Thanks for creating such a novel product for us quilters! - Rochelle

Ready to upgrade your quilt binding game?

Say goodbye to toilet paper rolls and hello to Binding Babies! Grab yours today and start enjoying the benefits of this adorable and functional tool. Don’t let your bindings crumple in a pile - give them the stylish home they deserve with Binding Babies.

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