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Flower Spindles™ Pink Aqua White Dot


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  • The perfect stand and companion to the Binding Babies®. Add your binding, slip your Binding Babies® onto the stand and sew away. She will spin and keep your binding tidy as you sew binding onto your favorite quilt or sewing project.

    With your large Binding Babies® on the flower spindle™, you can even add a wide border to your quilt top. There are non-slip pads not the bottom of the Flower Spindle™ to keep it from sliding on your sewing table.

    Flower Spindles™ measures 1" height by 6" width. To assemble place the spindle in the middle hole and screw until it's tight. Add your Binding Babies® loaded with binding over the spindle start sewing away.

    Pink Petals Flower Spindles™ has a pink base with an aqua inner circle with white dots.

    Product Dimensions are: 6.5" diameter x 2.25" height

    How to Care:
    Use a soft cloth rag, lightly damp the cloth. Gently wipe off the stand to remove the dust.

    Proudly Made in the USA.